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1 Preperation and Implementaion of
1. Annual Academic Curriculum Plan2.Course Objectives &
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  1. Academic Calenders

2. timetables

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3 Active Participation in BOS Click Click
4 Council meeting minutes click click
5 Value added courses offered & completed

c)Any Online courses like MOOCs

certificate 21-22 certificates 22-23
6 1. Departmental Workloads


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7 Feedback Report click click
8 Institutional Calendar Click Here Click Here
9 Department wise reports about coverage of syllabus Click Here Click Here








1 Average enrolment percentage for the last 3years (Total no. of students admitted /Sanctioned Seats x 100) Click Here Click Here
2 Demand Ratio (Group wise)(No.of applications received/Sanctioned Seats) (Overall ratio) Click Here Click Here
3 Percentage of seats filled for various reserved categories for the last 2 years (SC/ST/OBC/DIVYANGAN etc) (Seats earmarked / Seats filled) Click Here Click Here
4 Student – full time teacher ratio for the last. 2 years Total no. of students enrolled in the institution/ Total no. of full time teachers Click Here Click Here
5 Details of student centric methods Adopted Click Here Click Here
6 Details of teachers using ICT enabled tools for effective teaching learning process Click Here Click Here
7 Value based Activities such as SIP (Student Induction Programme) / Value Education/Gender  ensitisation/Managing Peer pressure conducted Reports by Committees concerned Grade A, if all activites conducted Grade B, if any 3 activities conducted Grade C, if any 2 activities conducted Orientation Click here
8 Conduct of Bridge course and Remedial Classes taken for slow learners (Subject Wise/Semester) 1Bridge Course Click Here

2 Remidial Click Here

1 Bridge Course Click here

CIA 22-23

9 Ratio of Final year students undertaking field trip or project or internships (No.of students attending field trip or  project/ Total No. of Final year students) Click Here Click Here
10 Use of ICT in teaching, learning and evaluation (Plickers, Kahoot, Web Quest etc.,) Lesson plans should reflect ICT based planning in teaching Click Here Click Here
11 Co-Curricular Activities (Academic) (Student Seminars/Quizzes,debates/elocution, essay writing/Projects/Peer Learning/ Group Learning/Youth Parliament etc.,) seminars 21-22

projects 21-22

seminars 22-23

projects 22-23

12 Academic, Cultural & Sports events organized (International/ National/ State/ District/ Inter Collegiate/ College Level Click Here Click Here
13 The number of classes (per week) engaged

by the Principal

Click Here Click Here
14 Staff Participations Click Here Click Here
15 Teaching Diaries & Teaching/Semester

Plans in Prescribed Formats

Click Here Click Here
16 Percentage of full time teachers against

sanctioned posts in the last two years

(Regular+ Contract + Guest

Click Here Click Here
17 Full time teachers with Ph.D Click Here Click Here
18 National/ International/ Regional


organised in the last two years

NIL Click Here
19 Seminars/conferences/workshops

attended in the last two years (Overall

Staff Attended)

Click Here Click Here
20 Institutional mechanism for assessing the

learning levels of the students

Click Here CIA 22-23
21 Record of feedback and analysis on teachers by students Click Here Click here
22 Percentage of students participated in student satisfactrion survey conducted at the end of each academic year(programme wise) Click Here Click Here








1 Research Scholars Working For Ph.D Click Here Click Here
2 Papers Presented for the last two years (International/ National/ State level conferences and seminars NIL Click Here
3 Books Published for the last two years ( Single Author/Co Author) Click Here Click Here
4 No of Papers published per teacher in the UGC notified journals (SCOPUS, Web of Science, ICI ) for the last 2 years NIL Click Here
5 No. of Books and Chapters in edited volumes/Books and papers published in National and International conferences (with ISBN) Click Here Click Here
6 Number of extension programmes conducted in colloboration with Community/NGOs through RRC/NSS/NCC/Red Cross/YRC/Swach harath/WEC etc NSS &NCC 21-22 1.NCC 22-23

2NSS 22-23







1 Details of Library Automation

a.  Name of the iLMS software

b.  Status of automation

Year and Version

NIL Click Here
2 Details of

i.      e-journals

ii.     e-sodhsindhu

iii.    Sodhganga


NIL Click Here
3 Daily usage of Library by teachers and students (percentage) Click Here Click Here
4 Details of procedures for maintianing and utilizing physical and academic support facilities (Classrooms, Computers, Labs, Library and Sports Complex) Click Here Click Here
5 Expenditure incurred for the last two years on :

a)  New Infrastructure Facility

maintenance of facilities (Classrooms, Equipment,sports, Auditorium & seminar halls etc.) excluding salary component

Click Here Click Here


S.NO. TOPICS 2021-2022 2022-2023
1 Percentage of Students benefited by scholarships & free ships for the last two
yearsa) Governmentb) Institutionc) Non – Governmental bodiesd) Industriese) Individualsf) Philanthropists
Click Here Click Here


2 Capacity building and skill enhancement initiatives taken up by the Institution during the last 2 years

a) Soft Skills

b) Language and Communication Skills

c) Life Skills (Yoga, Physical Fitness/
Health and Hygiene)

d) ICT/ Computer Skills

Click Here Click Here
3 Average Percentage of students benefited by guidance for competitive examinations  and career counseling by the Institution during last 2 years (only final year students) Click Here Click Here
4 Student grievances Redressal mechanism
, No. of grievances received & Redressed during last 2 years
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Click Here

Click Here
5 Percentage of students participated and presented papers/ posters in the state level/national levels academic/research plafrorms out side the parent institution. NIL NIL
6 The Institution has a transparent mechanism for timely redressal of: A.Sexual harassment
B. Ragging
Click Here
7 Record of Women Empowerment Cell (WEC)


1 Click Here

2 Click Here

Click Here
8 Students’ Progression to Higher Education Click Here Click Here
9 Students’ Progression to Employment Click Here Click Here
10 Students’ Progression to Entrepreneurship NIL NIL
11 Percentage of students qualifying NET/SET/GATE/GMAT/CAT/TOFEL/Civ
il Services/ State Govt Examinations (Qualified students/Total No of students x 100)
12 Feed back from Employees on Online Web Job Portal, APSSDC( AP State Skill Development Corporation),SSC ( Skill Sector Council) NIL NIL
13 No. of awards/medals for outstanding performance in sports/cultural activities (State/National/International/University levels only)

a) University Level

b) State Level

c) National Level

d) International Level

Click Here Click Here
14 Presence of an active Student Council & representation of students on academic & administrative bodies/committees of the institution Click Here 1 Click Here

2 Click Here

15 Number of sports and cultural activities / competitions organised in the Institution for the last 2 years NIL NIL
16 Percentage of Student participation in sports and cultural events/ competitions for the last 2 years (Programme wise) No of students participated/Total No of students x 100 NIL NIL
17 Is there registered Alumni Association for the  institution? If yes, year of registration and number Click Here Click Here
18 Alumni contribution for the last 2 years Click Here Click Here
19 Number of Alumni Association Chapters
/ meetings held during the last 2 years
Click Here Click Here








1 Mechanism of achieving the Vision and

Mission of the Insitution

(Describe in 200 words)

Click Here Click Here
2 Explain the Insitutional Practices like de-

centralization and participative

management to show case effective


Click Here Click Here
3 Staff Council Register (Minutes of


Click Here Click Here
4 Implementation of OTLP NIL Click Here
5 Number of RTI issues addressed Click Here NIL
6 Organizational structure of the Institution Click Here Click Here
7 Implementation of e – governance in

A)   Administration

B)    Finance and Accounts

C)    Student Admissions and support

D)   Examinations

8 Details of financial support to attend conference / workshop and membership for professional bodies for the last 2 years NIL NIL
9 Details of professional development / administrative training programs organized by the institution for teaching and non teaching staff during the last two years NIL NIL
10 Details of teachers undergoing online/ offline faculty development programmes during the last two years (Professional Develelopment Programmes, Orientation

/ Induction Programmes, Refresher Course/ Short Term Course etc

Click Here Click Here

Details of performance appraisal system designed by instituion for Teaching and non- teaching staff

Click Here
12 Institutional mechanism for internal and external financial audits
13 Funds / Grants received from nongovernment bodies, individuals, philanthropists (other than research) NIL NIL
14 Significant Contribution of IQAC for quality

a.  Strategies and Plan of Action

b. Review mechanisms of Teaching learning process, methodologies and learning outcomes by IQAC

c. Details of AQARs prepared and submitted

d.  Number of IQAC meetings held during the current year

Average number of quality initiatives by IQAC for promoting quality culture per year

15 Participation in NIRF Click Here NIL



Promotion of Gender Equality and Sensitization 1 Safety & Security

2Common Room


4Sensitization Activities

Gender Sensitisation-WEC 21-22

6Gender Sensitisation-WEC 22-23




B) Environmental consciousness and sustainability a)Solar energy, b)Sensor-based energy conservation, c)Use of LED bulbs/ power efficient equipment Click Here

Energy Audit Report 21-22

Energy Policy 21-22

Energy Policy 22-23

Energy Audit 21-22

Energy Audit 22-23

3 C) Waste Management a)Solid waste management b)Liquid waste management c)Lab Waste management d)E-waste management Click Here
4 D) Water Conservation

a)Rain water harvesting b)Borewell /Open well recharge

Click Here
5 E) Green campus initiatives a)Plastic free campus(Ban on the use of Plastics) b)Botanical garden c)Green house d)Green landscaping e)Green audit f)Battery vehicles  

1Green Audit 2021-2022

2Green Audit 2022-2023

3Environmental Audit 2021-2022

4Environmental Audit Certificate 2021-2022

5 Environmental Audit 2022-2023

6Environmental Audit Certificate 2022-2023

7Green Campus Initiatives


6 F) Divyangan friendly barrier – free environment a)Ramps b)Railings c)Scribe for examination d)Provision of lift/Wheel chairs e) Alternative arrangements for


Click Here
7 Cross cutting issues and value initiatives a) Tolerance and harmony against several diversities


ii) Regional


iv) Communal

v)Socio – Economic


Click Here
8 b) Human values and professional ethics Click Here
9 c) Code of condct for students and teachers Click Here
10 d) Celebration of National and International commemorative days and festivals Click Here
11 Sensitization of students and employees of the Institution to the constitutional obligations/ awareness programmes on Constitutional values a)Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Justice b)Fundamental rights and duties c)Responsibilities of citizenship. Click Here
12 I) Institutional Best Practices.
II) Departmental Best Practices.
Institutional Best Practices




Sno. Name of the Faculty 2021-2022 2022-2023
1 Dr.Ch.V.V.Srinivas Click Here Click Here
2 Dr.B.Anuradha Click Here Click Here
3 Sri C.V.Prasad Click Here Click Here
4 Dr.K.Neeraja Click Here Click Here
5 Smt.B.V.B.Lakshmi Click Here Click Here
6 Dr.M.Sunitha Click Here Click Here
7 Smt.P.Kusuma Kameswari Click Here Click Here
8 Smt.K.S.Annapurna Devi Click Here Click Here
9 Kum.P.Vijaya Lakshmi Click Here Click Here
10 Smt.R.Rajeswari Click Here Click Here
11 Sri.A.V.N.D.Srinivas Click Here Click Here
12 Sri.P.S.S.N.Durga Prasad Click Here Click Here
13 Sri.K.Chinni Babu Click Here Click Here
14 Sri.J.Ravindranath Tagore Click Here NIL
15 Smt B Janaki Click Here NIL
16 Smt.D.V.K.S.Lakshmi Click Here Click Here
17 Smt.B.Chantamma Click Here Click Here
18 Smt.C.V.Rama Lakshmi Click Here Click Here
19 Smt.M.Venkayamma Click Here Click Here
20 Smt.M.Lakshmi Bai NIL NIL
21 Sri.M.Veerraju Click Here Click Here
22 Sri.M.S.Chakravarthi Click Here Click Here
23 Smt E.Keerthi Click here Click here
24 Smt.K.Rama Devi Click Here Click Here
25 Sri.YVSSN. Lakshminarayana Click Here Click Here
26 Smt.VBT.Sundari Click Here Click Here
27 Smt.N.Swathi Click Here Click Here
28 Smt.M.Sree Devi Click Here Click Here
29 Kum.P.Sri Devi Click Here Click Here
30 T.Naga Muni Click Here Click Here
31 Kum.Ch.Priyanka Click Here Click Here
32 Kum.G.Divya sri Click Here Click Here
33 Dr.P.S.Ch.P.Deepika Rani Click Here Click Here
34 M.Kasma Click Here Click Here
35 N. Mounica Mahad Nil Click Here
36 B. Bhuvaneswari Nil Click Here
37 Sri.V.Suri Babu Click Here Click Here
38 Smt.B.Vanaja Ratnam Click Here Click Here
39 Smt.K.Veeralakshmi Click Here Click Here
40 Kum A Devi NIL NIL
41 Smt P A P Ranjani Click Here Click Here
42 Smt.Y.Sudha Rani Click Here Click Here