Consumer Club – Profile


To spread awareness on consumer rights amongst all consumer segments, especially among college students. To reach the unreached by imparting knowledge and training on consumer awareness  to our students and enable them to teach the village personnel.


To enable students to understand the fundamental rights of a citizen and make them realize and learn the fundamental duties of a good citizen.

To inject knowledge and skills relating to consumer rights among our college students and to impart knowledge on product standards, product quality and about markets.

To make them aware of laws enacted for protection / welfare of consumers and enforcement authorities concerned.

Consumer Club Committee:

Sl.No. Name Designation Role
1 Dr.Major B Kalyani Lecturer in Commerce Co-Ordinator
2 Sri.K.R.R. Chowdary Lecturer in Commerce Member
3 Sri.V.Suri Babu Lecturer in Commerce Member
4 Smt.B.Vanaja Ratnam Lecturer in Commerce Member
5 Smt.S.Lakshmi Lecturer in Commerce Member
6 Miss A Devi Lecturer in Commerce Member