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7.1.1 Gender Sensitisation
A Common Rooms
B Safety Security
C Counselling
D Gender Sensitisation Activities (Women Empowerment)
7.1.2 Institutional Facilities And Initiatives
7.1.2A Energy Conservation Methods
B Waste management,
C Water Conservation,
D Green Campus Initiatives
E Disabeled-Friendly barrier
7.1.3 Institutional Environment and Energy Initiatives
A Green Audit &Environmental Audit 18-19 Green Audit Report 19-20 Green Audit Report 20-21 Green Audit Report 21-22 Green Audit Report 22-23 Green Audit Report
B Energy Audit 18-19 Policy

18-19 Energy Audit Certificate


19-20 Policy

19-20 Energy Audit Certificate

20-21 Policy

20-21 Energy Audit Certificate

21-22 Policy

21-22 Energy Audit Certificate

22-23 Policy

22-23 Energy Audit Certificate

Merged Energy Policies

Merged Energy Audit Certificate

C Clean &Green Campus Initiatives
D Beyond the campus Environmental Promotion Activities
7.1.4 Institutional Efforts & Initiatives
7.2.1 Best Practices
A Institutional Best Practices
B Departmental Best Practices
7.3.1 Institutional Distinctiveness