SKR College was established in 1968 with BA., B.Sc., Degree and Intermediate Bi.P.C., MPC and HEC Courses whereas Department of Commerce was incepted in the year 1970. B. Com Degree Course with English as Medium of instruction was introduced in the Academic Year 1970-71 Later on 2 sections were also sanctioned for Telugu Medium students.

From a very humble beginning with 7 students today it is one of the biggest departments of the college catering to more than 300 students. At the beginning, the department had 13 members ( 9 sanctioned posts and 4 unaided posts) Presently 6 PTLs are working in the department.

A separate group in BA was introduced in the year 1988-89 with Office Organisation and Management as one of the subject. (Now not in force/existence). A separate group for B. Com (vocational) was set up in the academic year to impart Marketing and Advertising Skills to students. (Now not in force/existence). Presently the department offers B. Com General and Computer Applications courses. An air conditioned Computer Lab with 20 PCs was established in 2000.


  • To empower the students with appropriate skills to face the challenges.
  • To encourage all round personality development of the students.
  • To inculcate moral values and commitment to society.
  • To make the students understand the multidimensional changes in the present business scenario and attract a greater number of students to opt for commerce and management fields.


  • Making commerce education accessible to all sections of society.
  • To train students to handle accounts in business firms through quality commerce education and skill oriented courses that enhance their self confidence and help them to meet the challenges of the contemporary business environment.
  • Facilitate, encourage and spread commerce education for women empowerment through entrepreneurship.


  • To build conceptual foundation in the area of commerce and develop students for professional career in accounting, fiancé, marketing taxation research and higher education.
  • To equip the students with accounting and entrepreneurial skills
  • To build Life Skills through valued based education and service oriented programmes.
  • To stimulate most conducive ambience for the promotion of quality teaching and learning.
  • To empower women students hailing from rural background to face the challenges of life with dignity, hour and self-respect and to inculcate self esteem in them through entrepreneur skills.
  • To mould a team of students with required skills and attitude with global competencies, capable of working towards transformation of society.
  • To enable the students to communicate effectively and to empower with poise and confidence.


  • A spacious and well equipped air conditioned COMPUTER LAB with 30 PCs and LED Projector.
  • A separate Library for commerce students with 980 standard Text Books , Magazines and Journals and General Knowledge Books for preparation of Competitive and PG CET Exams.
  • A wireless Internet Facility is available in the Department to teach academics in ICT mode.
  • Committed, enthusiastic and capable faculty includes Ph. D and UGC NET holders.
  • Highly disciplined students with zeal to learn. Participative approach of administration to the cause of quality education, progressive in attitude and visions for future.
  • Inter-departmental cohesiveness.
  • A well designed and updated curriculum.


The Asset of the department is its Commerce Club. In order to meet the challenging needs of corporate world environment it is not just sufficient for a student of commerce to be sound theoretically but must also be exposed to the outer world in a dynamic way to face practical situation.

Keeping this view, the commerce club was instated in the year 2012 with the following objectives:

  • To enrich and empower the students with academic and technical assistance.
  • To let the students interact with business experts of industry.
  • To encourage students to become event managers.
  • To expose students to meet the practical challenges in the current business scenario.
  • To build self-confidence and proactive approach.

Activities of Commerce Club:

  • Business Quiz
  • Group Discussions
  • Debate
  • PPTs
  • Guest lectures
  • Industrial Visits
  • JAM
  • Social Service activities include visit to old age homes, blood donation, tree plantation, yoga, awareness rallies, Celebration of Commerce Day, Consumer Day etc.
  • The Commerce Club members look unique while conductions the above events by wearing Green and white coloured Jackets.



S.No. Name Qualification Experience in Years Period (From-To)
1. Dr. Major B. Kalyani M. Com., M.Phil., Ph. D., B.L., PGDIRPM., Sahitya Ratna (H) 34 Years 1989 – Till
2. K. Rama Rao Chowdary B.Ed, MCom, MBA 26 Years 1986 – Till
3. V. Suri Babu M. Com., MSc(IT), PGDSM 22 Years 2001-Till
4. B. Vanaja Ratnam MBA., MCom., UGC.NET 21 Years 2002 – Till
5. S. Lakshmi MCom., P.G.D.C.P.A 18 Years 2004 – Till
6. K. VeeraLakshmi M.A.,M.Com,.PGDCA 16 Years 2007-Till
7. A.Devi MBA 1 Year 2021-Till

Continuous Assessment is a critical step in the learning process. It determines whether the learning objectives of the course have been met or not. In the past, only observation by the teacher was the main mode of assessment. But in the process of development of a system, there occurred various types of assessments that can be broadly classified as Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment. The former is continuous and is conducted during the teaching-learning process and the latter is to evaluate the student learning at the end of the semester. For Continuous Internal Evaluation/ Assessment our University has adopted the 75+25 Marks External and Internal Examination System. Our University conducts examinations at the end of each semester for both theory and practical sessions and for which Question Papers are prepared by the Controller of Examinations.

For the CIA all activities are divided into 4 categories.

1. Assignments 5 Marks

2. Project/Seminar/GD/ Role-plays/Quiz / Presentation 5 Marks

3. Attendance for Clean and Green Programme 5 Marks

4. Testing of Subject knowledge through Mid-term Exams 20+15 Marks

Total for 2 Mid Exams 50

CIA carried out in our college keeping in mind the words of Plutarch -“The Correct analogy for the mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting”. As we were in aided college from (20-21)that time we followed the guidelines of AKNU. We have to implement CIA from 2022-23 onwards as now we are in Govt. Service.

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