The Department of Hindi was established in the year 1970. Headed by stalwarts in Hindi like Smt.Y.Amrutham, Smt.S.Annapurna, Smt.V.Umajyothi, Smt.A.Gayatri,Dr.K.L.T.Bhami Reddy the competent faculty members of the Department have created a brand name  both for the Department and Institution. Among these personalities Dr.K.L.T.Bhami Reddy bagged good name  and fame . He received many more awards like” Hindi Marthanda “, ” Gangotri Samman” , ” Uttama Upadhyaya” , “Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishna lifetime achievement” etc.

The present faculty member Dr.K.Neeraja is doing her best to keep up their good work and also adopting herself to the fast changing  trends in Hindi Language and Literature in tune with the growing importance of Hindi Language for all successful carriers.


  • Providing  Quality Education & imparting knowledge of Hindi Literature .
  • Improving the knowledge of Hindi Language.
  • Improving the Communicative & Education Skills.
  • Making Fit for Higher Education.
  • Improving the eligibility to fit for employability.
  • Developing  Moral, Human & Ethical Values.
  • Making familiar with recent trends in Hindi (like administrative terminology ,letter- writing etc.)


  • Improving the knowledge of Hindi in depth through Workshops, Seminars, Class Seminars and Assignments Best Practices so on.
  • Improving educational communicative skills through the conduct of competitions ,Seminars, Project Works, Value added Courses and students can get proficiency in all skills like speaking , Writing , Listening, Reading & Understanding.
  • Improving employability through developing communicative skills, Awareness Programs and Field Trips.
  • Making fit  for higher education through giving depth of knowledge of  Hindi Literature through Workshops, Seminars and Projects.
  • Trying for overall development of students through all these activities.

Our Hindi students get 100% or more than 90% pass percentages as faculty members are well experienced. Every year in the month of September ,we celebrate Hindi week not only National Hindi day .On this occasion, students are given a chance to showcase their talents through various literacy events like Elocution, Essay writing, poster presentation, Talent hunt and various cultural events  like patriotic songs, dances,skits. Faculty members of the Dept of  Hindi attend as subject Experts and University nominees in Board of studies meetings. And also  attend other colleges and organisations for INVITED guest lectures. Faculty of hindi dept encourages hindi students to participate in National and International seminars.

S.No Name Qualification Experience in Years Period (From-To)
1 Dr.K.Neeraja M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., 22 Years 1995-2017(June) ,BGBS College, Narspur
5 Years 2017 (July) till date SKR. Govt. Degree College(W) Rajamahendravaram
2 Smt.V.Uma Jyothi M.A., M.Phil., Sahitya Ratna 31 Years 1991 to till date. SKR Degree College (W) Rajamahendravaram
  • Under the Learn Hindi Scheme we display five new Hindi words every day on Notice Board.
  • Some of the Degree Hindi meritorious students teach below average Intermediate Hindi students.
  • So Peer Teaching is the one of the Best and Innovative Practices by the Department.
  • On the occasion of Hindi Day every year the Department celebrates Hindi Week to improve Educational & Communicative Skills.
  • Every Year November 5th  on the occasion of Smt.Kandukuri Rajyalakshmi  Department Organizing.
  • Inter Collegiate Debate Competition. Each Student is given a target so that every student is encouraged and Rewarded.
  • The Department of Hindi takes personal care of each Hindi student .  Counselling is given to each student on how to overcome their Weaknesses.

Continuous Assessment is a critical step in the learning process. It determines whether the learning objectives of the course have been met or not. In the past, only observation by the teacher was the main mode of assessment. But in the process of development of a system, there occurred various types of assessments that can be broadly classified as Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment. The former is continuous and is conducted during the teaching-learning process and the latter is to evaluate the student learning at the end of the semester. For Continuous Internal Evaluation/ Assessment our University has adopted the 75+25 Marks External and Internal Examination System. Our University conducts examinations at the end of each semester for both theory and practical sessions and for which Question Papers are prepared by the Controller of Examinations.

For the CIA all activities are divided into 4 categories.

1. Assignments 5 Marks

2. Project/Seminar/GD/ Role-plays/Quiz / Presentation 5 Marks

3. Attendance for Clean and Green Programme 5 Marks

4. Testing of Subject knowledge through Mid-term Exams 20+15 Marks

Total for 2 Mid Exams 50

CIA carried out in our college keeping in mind the words of Plutarch -“The Correct analogy for the mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting”. As we were in aided college from (20-21)that time we followed the guidelines of AKNU. We have to implement CIA from 2022-23 onwards as now we are in Govt. Service.

S.No Year Activities
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