Principal’s Desk

Dr. P. RAGHAVA KUMARI M.Sc.B.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,

LEADERSHIP is the CAPACITY to translate a VISION into REALITY.

As is widely known, an empowered woman empowers others and true empowerment is possible only through education.With this guiding principle as cornerstone, SKR Government College for Women, one of the oldest and renowned women’s colleges in the state, has been providing education to women from all strata of society. Over the years, the college has created a great history of social reform over and above serving its primariry objective of providing women’s education .The college deeply understands the abiding truth that quality is a journey, not a destination and accordingly has been delivering ever- evolving quality education to the students across all the streams offered: arts, commerce, and science, and M.Sc. Zoology.The college administration strongly believes that the quality of education mainly depends on the quality of teaching, the infrastructural facilities in the college and the way evaluation of the student is conducted and whether the student is a job ready graduate with sustainable employability skills. Therefore, the college focusses on all these dimensions and works tirelessly not only to achieve these objectives but also strives to excel in these areas. A team of highly dedicated, qualified and committed faculty is the strength of the college. Effective teaching, Unfailing regularity, Ever preparedness of the teachers, availability of resource materials, interactive and participatory methods that are adopted provide conducive and enriching atmosphere for the students to develop top class academic knowledge and skills. The strong mentoring system in the college provides the students mental education along with personal care helping them to grow as well rounded adults. Well-equipped laboratories, virtual and digital class rooms, well-stocked library, spacious seminar hall, Gymnasium, and playground, NCC and three NSS Units, certificate courses and MOUs in the college provide students wonderful opportunity to acquire broad range of skills and competencies required in the modern world.The college takes pride in its heritage of social reform and women’s empowerment and follows the footsteps of its founders and other women reformers. The college celebrates the achievements of the alumni, who have made remarkable contributions to various fields such as education, politics, business, arts, and social service. The college aims to provide quality education to girls from diverse backgrounds and equip them for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. The college strives to create a conducive environment for learning, growth, and development of the students and encourages them to uphold the values of social responsibility, gender equality, and human dignity. The college is a foundation for girls to feel empowered to dream and pursue those dreams as global citizens who will create a world of equality. Thus the college is a platform for nurturing young women’s holistic development to make an effective contribution to the next generation .The college follows the strategic vision of the National Education Policy (NEP) and adheres to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for ensuring academic excellence, innovation, and inclusion. The college is committed to implementing the NEP recommendations and enhancing the quality and relevance of the courses. The college adopts blended mode of teaching and learning to ensure continuity and accessibility of education. The college is confident of overcoming any challenge with resilience and convert it into an opportunity for growth.

We appeal to you to join hands with us in our vision of creating a better world for women and society.
With regards,
Dr.P.Raghava Kumari.