Red Ribbon Club (RRC) – Profile

The Red Ribbon Club (RRC) of SKR Government Degree College Rajamahendravaram is encouraged to learn about safe and healthy lifestyles. The RRC promotes access to information on healthy life and voluntary blood donation. They create and provide opportunities to the zeal of volunteerism among youth to contribute to the control and prevention of HIV&AIDS. The Red Ribbon Club is a voluntary on-campus intervention program for students. The programme organized by RRC addresses the knowledge, attitude and behavior of the youths in the interrelated areas of Voluntary Blood Donation, HIV & AIDS, as demanded by their age, environment, and lifestyle.

  •  Celebrating Life Program
  •  Peer education and leadership training
  •  Cultural Competitions
  •  Interactions with positive people, Transgender, Injection Drug users, ICTC- Counsellors
  •  Awareness campaign trainings, Outreach activities.

Red Ribbon & Red Cross Committee: 

Sl.No. Name Designation Role
1 Smt.V.Uma Jyothi Lecturer in Hindi Convenor
2 Smt.B.Chantamma Lecturer in Economics Member
3 Smt.M.Kasma Lecturer in Zoology Member
4 P Vijaya lakshmi Lecturer in Telugu Member
5 Sri.K.Chinni Babu Lecturer in English Member
6 Smt.Y.Sudha Rani Lecturer in Physical Education Member