To transform the young women into integrated, empowered and holistic women leaders with sound physical, mental and spiritual faculties who are service oriented, environment conscious and proactive to the development of family, society and nation.


1. To impart quality education through effective pedagogy for exploration of knowledge reflecting innovation, creativity and lateral thinking.
2. To promote technological empowerment for nation building and develop global competencies through skill development.
3. To create a sense of empathy for tolerance and co-operation towards the upliftment of less privileged sections of the society through community oriented activities.
4. To sensitize the young girls towards expansion and concern for the preservation of our heritage and culture and conservation of environment.

Keywords of Mission:

  • Explore
  • Empower
  • Empathize
  • Expand


  • To provide academic programmes that create women leaders who are fit for career and life.
  • To impart Value System based on principles of service, love, discipline & hard work.
  • To design academic programmes promoting lateral thinking and innovation.
  • To transform women into holistic individuals with sound physical, mental & spiritual faculties.